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The Friends of Bear Paw, Big Hole & Canyon Creek Battlefields is a non-profit organization ready to do business with helping the National Park Service at the respective battle sites.

The most important asset to help us grow and reach our goals is you, the membership. By becoming a member of this Friends' organization you show that you care about the historical places that make-up part of the Nez Perce story.

As a member you will receive benefits such as a newsletter and Friends Project updates. We will also provide notice of special events to take place at the battle sites.

You can join in one of two ways.

1.) Credit card -- select a "Buy Now" button below. You may use your credit card via PayPal, which is safe, easy to use, and very secure. PayPal no longer requires one to register with them to use the service, so joining or renewing with the Friends is faster and easier.

2.) You can send in a check or money order (click here for a mail in form).

Other Membership Benefits:

All new members who join at the $25 contributing level or higher receive a free lapel pin. Also, all new members or renewals paid in the sum of $75 champion level or higher receive as a gift a handsome large Friends mug with an imprinted photo of both Chief Joseph and an 1895 artist’s rendition of the Battle of the Big Hole and also of our beautiful Friends logo. Shipping and handling costs are included. You will enjoy the beverage of your choice with this beautiful mug while helping a very worthy cause as well.

If you join or renew at the $100 patron level or higher, you will also receive a free mug in addition to the lapel pin. Click on the photos below to enlarge the three sides of the mug.

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Membership Levels


  • Associate $15

  • Contributing $25

  • Sustaining $50

  • Champion $75

  • Patron $100

  • Sponsor $250

  • Benefactor $500

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