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Seventh Cavalry Command Structure -- Nez Perce War

Note: This information was provided by John Doerner, Chief Historian, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Col. Samuel D. Sturgis (Commander in the field)

Lt. Col. Elmer Otis (sick at Ft. Rice since 07/31/1877)

Maj. Joseph G. Tilford (detached cmdg Ft. Lincoln)

Maj. Lewis Merril (cmdg battalion in field)

Major Marcus A. Reno (undergoing 2 years suspension)

1st Lt. Ernest A. Garlington, Adjutant (field)

1st Lt. Charles A. Varnum, Regt. Quarter Master, (field)

Asst. Surgeon Dr. Valery Havard

Merrill's Battalion

Company F:

Capt. James Bell

2nd Lt. Herbert J. Slocum

Company I:

Capt. Henry J. Nowlan -

2nd Lt. Hugh L. Scott –

(TDY at Custer Battlefield)

Company L:

1st Lt. John W. Wilkerson

Benteen's Battalion

Company H:

Capt. Frederick Benteen - Cmdg

2nd Lt. Ezra Fuller

2nd Lt. Albert J. Russell

Company G:

1st Lt. George D. Wallace

2nd Lt. William J. Nickolson

Company M:

Capt. Thomas H. French

1st Lt. Edward G. Mathey (TDY Co. B)

2nd Lt. John G. Gresham

In The Field With Col. Nelson A. Miles

Edle's Battalion

Company F:

Capt. Owen Hale - Cmdg Battalion

1st Lt. Charles Braden (Sick Leave)

2nd Lt. J. Williams Briddle - Cmdg Company

Company A:

Capt. Myles Moylan

1st Lt. Andrew H. Nave (DS Ft. Lincoln)

2nd Lt. Ezra D. Fuller (TDY-Company H)

Company K:

Capt. Edward S. Godfrey

1st Lt. Edwin P. Eckerson

2nd Lt. Edwin B. Fuller (TDY -Company I)

In The Field With Mai. Henry M. Lazelle

Company B:

Capt. Thomas McDougall

1st Lt. William T. Craycroft (Sick Leave)

2nd Lt. Thomas H. Barry (Not yet joined)

In The Field With Lt. Gustavus C. Doane

Company E:

Capt. Charles S. Ilsley (Detached Service-Ft. Leavenworth)

1st Lt. Charles DeRudio - Cmdg Company

2nd Lt. James D. Mann (Not yet Joined)

Patrolling the Black Hills

Company C:

Capt. Henry Jackson

1st Lt. Winfield S. Edgerly

2nd Lt. Horatio G. Sickel

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